Can A Cracked Tooth Heal On Its Own?

[Music] Can a cracked tooth heal on its own Absolutely not okay so um if you have a Cracked tooth uh really what you’re Gonna experience first usually is a Little bit of sensitivity uh as Basically the tooth opens up okay as it Opens up it’s gonna let basically water And sugar in and it’s gonna be sensitive Many times that sensitivity occurs on Biting And many times that’s fixable with a Crown or a filling of some sort At some point that cracked tooth will Continue to get worse and what’s called Propagate further down the root Sometimes that occurs immediately when It breaks and sometimes it occurs over a Year-long time span or something Sometimes we need to do a root canal to That tooth and then at some point that Fractures so far deep That there really is no uh Restorable uh solution and so we remove It and we talk about replacing it with Maybe a dental implant [Music] You