Can dental problems cause snoring Dental problems can absolutely cause Be related to snoring So snoring itself can be related to Sleep apnea Really that can be the underlying Condition overall So some dental problems like excess bone On the on the lower jaws Can basically push back the tongue Sometimes You know things like people who clench Or grind [Music] They also snore and and The the root cause is sleep apnea so a Lot of these issues are kind of related To Uh what’s called sleep apnea sleep apnea Is where You know our bodies really are not Getting enough oxygen as we sleep And so Our our mouth will compensate to try to Get oxygen so the When we’re asleep our jaws will push Forward our teeth will clench our tongue Will push push the teeth out of the way And you’ll get teeth flaring sometimes There’s any number of problems that are Related to Snoring sleep apnea and those things Fortunately there are appliances and Solutions that can help

Reduce some of those problems [Music]