What Happens If You Don’t Replace A Tooth?

What happens if you don’t replace a Tooth uh well so You know we take wisdom teeth out all The time nothing happens right But you know one of our front teeth or Some of our back teeth uh if we remove It uh for any number of reasons usually Infection or fracture or Or what have you Um If we if we don’t replace it We will tend to see teeth shift And that can create other other bite Problems okay We also know that The Most common tooth to break Is a tooth next to a missing tooth Okay So the most common tooth that is Potentially going to fracture In our mouth is If we’ve removed a tooth like a molar The tooth right in front will often be The next tooth that breaks the reason is Is because that force of your jaw is Still there But you don’t have the molar for Instance to take the force So that force is transferred over to uh The other teeth So we’ll see bite issues we’ll see Sometimes we’ll get decay In those spaces

In the teeth next to them um And it can create a whole mess of other Issues uh you know if we’re if we’re not Replacing teeth uh in a timely fashion [Music]